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This website is here to provide you the most comprehensive list of Ham Radio Nets on the Internet for the United States and Canada.  We hope you will book mark this website so you can come back to it when you are looking for an amateur radio net.

Radio nets are a great way to practice using your ham radio and understand the way emergency communications nets will run during an actual disaster. There are a number of nets that are ran by emergency agencies.  Some nets are just for socializing or club related.  It is important to be active on what ever net you choose to join so you can be comfortable talking and using your radio on the net.

If you are not familiar with how a net operates then we suggest you find a net you are interested in and listen to how they operate.  Most nets have a Net Control, which is a person who runs the net and keeps things going smoothly.  When they ask for visitor to the net don’t be afraid to key the mike and give your call sign.  It is a great way to get your feet wet.

As you go to the state you are looking for a net you will notice that the some of the names of the net are in a bold blue color text.  This means that it is a link to the website to information about that net or the organization that operates the net.  Also for the amateur radio nets that use repeaters you will seen the same bold blue colored text.  This will be a link to the RepeaterBook webpage for that ham radio repeater.  This will help give an idea of the location of the repeater the potential area covered by it.

To make this site successful we need your help.  Please provide us information on Nets we don’t have listed or information that might have changed.


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